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There are number of ways to contribute to the good work of the Whyteleafe Community Hub.  some options are as below

Ways to Give

 Delivery Driver


Old Begging Woman

The Whyteleafe Community Hub helps a vast spectrum of residents in Whyteleafe and neighbouring parishes who have diverse and  often very sad circumstances that could befall any of us anytime. The work we do to support these individuals and families would not be possible without your generosity

In Person

You can contribute by Cheque or cash to buy fresh fruit and vegetables every month and other household necessities such as nappies for families in need

By Phone

Call Sara Jones on 07398045141 to donate directly by bank transfer


Contact us through the Whyteleafe and Kenley Community Hub Facebook page


You can contribute any food by dropping your donation off at:

1. The box just outside the Whyteleafe Tavern.

2. Whyteleafe Station Ticket Office ( 6AM -12.30)

3. Hobbs Pharmacy (9-5 Monday-Friday)


At the Center

Volunteers work in Whyteleafe to collate information about families in need, such as age of children, and allergies, so that bespoke parcels can be prepared for delivery every Thursday. If you are interested call on 07398045131

As a Driver

Whyteleafe Community Hub volunteers deliver bespoke food parcels to families in need every Thursday. They also deliver fresh food and vegetables every month. Drivers also collect donations from supermarkets such as Morrisons and the Co-op, and individual donors every week. Volunteer drivers also support the Parish Council's emergency response plans, by collecting medicines in bad weather or driving stranded residents to safe refuges. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver call 07398045131 in the first instance to discuss

Become a Sponsor


The Whyteleafe community Hub would welcome sponsors who can help with our routine activities . We would also welcome sponsors who could help with major events such as the Queen's jubilee Celebrations. Major sponsors who could help with partial funding of the Whyteleafe Sports and Community hub would be particularly welcome.

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