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The Whyteleafe Green Fingers

We are a friendly group of local garden enthusiasts of all ages and abilities, who communicate through WhatsApp and regular meetings in Whyteleafe.

Our aims are as follows:

1. Develop a social group of enthusiastic gardeners in Whyteleafe.

2. To exchange seeds, plants, knowledge and ideas.

3. Collaborate with the Village Council to make Whyteleafe Beautiful.

4. Encourage children to grow Sunflowers, pumpkins and other exciting plants.

5. Adopt Whyteleafe stations and make them more welcoming to commuters and visitors.

6. Support biodiversity by planting shrubs and trees in Whyteleafe.

7. Grow fresh vegetables for our residents in need.

Poppy Flower
Whyteleafe Gardening Group.png
Floral Path
Making Whyteleafe Beautiful
Organic Vegetables
Annual community fun competitions
Community Garden
Sharing seeds plants and expertise
Community Garden
Encouraging young gardeners
Whyteleafe Station.jpeg
Vegetable gardening
Growing fresh food for the Community
Adoption of both Whyteleafe Stations
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